Lucinda Shipman (Austin), 1822

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  • Lucinda (Shipman) Austin (Lucinda Shipman (Austin), 1822)
(pedigree according to: Haze & Maria, 1913)

Alternative pedigree (biological):

  • Danial Shipman or William Austin
  • Lucinda Shipman (Austin)
  • Olive Lee
(As I understand it, Olive Lee was the biological mother, and Lucinda was given for adoption by Olive to William Austin and Agnes Nicol. William personally claimed to be Lucinda's "father". A brother (?) of Danial Shipman visited William and Agnes, talking with Lucinda, convinced Lucinda that Danial was her father, thus Lucinda called herself "Shipman" thereafter, but continued living with the Austin family.
I don't believe Olive Lee was ever married to Daniel Shipman. I understand she married John Cornell (19 Feb 1824, Leeds, Ontario, Canada). I understand that John's failure to accept Lucinda in his family resulted in Olive's decision to give Lucinda to Agnes & William. I don't know whether she was ever "legally" adopted by William & Agnes.)

Name: Lucinda Shipman (Austin). The pedigree in Aunt Hazel's book (Haze & Maria, 1913) shows "Lucinda (Shipman) Austin". The more common form in FamilySearch is "Lucinda Shipman (Austin)". The later form makes more sense to me because she called herself "Lucinda Shipman", and considered this her legal name (as was filed in divorce papers). I put the "(Austin)" in parenthesis because it was not her legal name, but it is the family she was adopted into and the parents she sealed herself to.

Birth: 23 Dec 1822, at Yonge, L, Ontario, Canada (Haze & Maria, 1913)
Birth: 23 Dec 1822, Athens, Leeds, Ontario (IGI on FamilySearch)
Birth: 25 Dec 1822, Young,,, Ontario (IGI FamilySearch)

Death: 24 Jul 1906, Lewisville, Jefferson, Idaho
Burial: 28 Jul 1906, Lewisville, Jefferson, Idaho

Married: Thomas William Callahan, 1837

Alma Austin Callahan, 14 Nov 1840, Hammond, St. Lawrence, New York
Andrew Nicholas Callahan, 14 Jul 1842, Nauvoo, Hancock, IL
Amasa Lyman Callahan, 30 Jan 1845, Nauvoo, Hancock, IL
Agnes Ann Callahan, 3 Dec 1846, Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska
(sources: FamilySearch)

Married: Jonathan Campbell, 1812, Dec 1850, Salt Lake City

Lucinda Phebe Campbell 15 Mar 1850 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Amelia Campbell 15 Jun 1852 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
Brigham Campbell 15 Jun 1852 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
Johathan Campbell 14 Nov 1853 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
Alvira Campbell 15 Sep 1856 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
Rhoda Campbell 1 Sep 1858 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
Heleman Campbell 15 Feb 1860 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
William Campbell 27 Dec 1863 North Ogden, Weber, Utah
(sources: FamilySearch)


Heleman Campbell, 1860


  • photos and obituary (Lucinda Austin Campbell.pdf)

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